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PRO Drumsheets offers premium drum sheet music with a unique musical approach!

Our website, launched in April 2023, offers a vast collection of premium drum sheet music and drum transcriptions for beginners and professionals alike. Whether you're looking for how to learn a new song on drums or if you're looking for a note-for-note drum transcription of your favorite song, PRO Drumsheets got you covered.

What is the difference between a drum sheet and a drum transcription?

While a drum sheet focusses on the essential musical information like the drum parts and the form of a song, a drum transcription contains every ghost note, drum fill and groove variation of the original recording. That's why drum sheets are the way to go for learning how to play a specific song on drums while drum transcriptions are usually used to analyze and study specific drum fills or distinct drumming styles.

What sets us apart from other drum sheet music websites?

We offer every song in at least two different variations, carefully tailored to your individual needs:

Our BASIC Drum Sheet breaks down the original drum part to the most easy and fun-to-play version possible, making it an absolute game changer for beginner drummers! 

By focussing on the song form and a carefully simplified version of the original drum part first, it provides you with a solid foundation for your musical development. And contrary to other “simplified” versions on the market, we made sure that the drum part still fits the song perfectly.

Our PRO Drum Sheet is both highly readable and exceptionally detailed, making it the ideal choice for advanced and professional drummers.

You'll be able to closely replicate the essential grooves, fills, and variations played in the original recording, giving you the ability to perform the song with remarkable accuracy, just like the drummer of your favorite band does live.

PLUS: if you're already a working drummer and tired of writing your own sheets for your next cover gig, our PRO Drum Sheet is exactly what you're looking for.

Our FULL Drum Transcription contains every note played in the original recording, making it an invaluable resource for expanding your drumming vocabulary and analyzing your favorite drummer's style.

We take great care to ensure the accuracy of our transcriptions, and for many of them, we also provide a link to the original drum track on the shop page, allowing you to read along with the original drummer.

Since these transcriptions are meant for study and analysis rather than full playthroughs, we don't have to save space, resulting in lots of highly readable pages that are perfect for deep dives into your favorite drumming.

Our Complete Bundle includes both Drum Sheets and the Full Transcription and is ideal for educators and drum teachers, but also for serious students.

Here's a step-by-step method that emphasizes listening and improvising, guiding you through the process of mastering the song rather than just reading notes:

  • play along with the BASIC Drum Sheet - this will already work great for playing the song with a band

  • feel free to get creative and come up with your own ideas and variations for the song, but also listen to the original recording for inspiration

  • now listen more closely and try to spot some differences between the BASIC Drum Sheet and the original recording - even if you might not be able to replicate exactly what you hear, your listening skills will progress in no time

  • as soon as you feel ready to tackle the original grooves and fills, play along with the PRO Drum Sheet and see which differences you were able to hear before

  • if you hear a particular fill or variation in the original recording that you want to learn, try and replicate it by ear first - you can look it up in the FULL Drum Transcription later on

What drum key are you using and where can I find it?

We tried to make sure everything is accessible for as many people as possible, so all of our drum sheets and transcriptions are written for 5-piece drumset and a standard set of cymbals (HH/Crash/Ride).

You can download the DRUM KEY right here.

In the rare case the drummer used a bigger kit, we made sure to come up with great sounding alternatives that really work well on a standard drumset.

If you are confused by DRUM KEYS in general or want to know HOW TO READ DRUM NOTATION, go check out our BLOG.

I just downloaded some drum sheet music and have no clue how to read it, therefore I am very angry. What is "D.S.", and what are those weird slashes?

Be not angry, brother and sister. ​We understand that not everyone knows HOW TO READ DRUM SHEET MUSIC, which is why we've designed a whole section of our BLOG to teach you everything you need to know. And if you have any questions, our friendly customer service team is always here to help.

So why wait? Head over to our SHOP and check out all of the available songs - you'll even find some FREE Drum Sheets there. And don't forget to put in a SONG REQUEST for the next drum sheet or sign up for our NEWSLETTER to stay up to date on the latest offerings from PRO Drumsheets.

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